PR Strategy Group

Strategic Counsel

PR Strategy Group gives unique strategic counsel to define the perception and attention clients want, and then our PR team applies creative tactics to achieve the results that increase their value.

Branding & Strategic Positioning

Instead of fitting clients into a prepackaged program, we work with them to develop the right strategies that will get them the perception and attention they want. These strategies are born from our agency experience, our knowledge of our clients’ industries, our creativity and our understanding of the steps it takes to reach a set goal. We also examine our objectives from every angle, drawing on the abilities of our in-house media strategists, writers and financial and industry experts to ensure that we cover all opportunities.

Media Training

Our media training workshops prepare executives and corporate spokespeople for general speaking opportunities, print media interviews and broadcast appearances. First, we educate clients on how the media works and answer the basic questions: What are reporters looking for? How does PR facilitate media relationships? Then, we help clients identify and develop their speaking areas of expertise, prepare and use strategic communication and messaging, and learn to stick to basic interview do’s and don’ts. Media specialists cover specific tactics for handling tough questions, getting reporters to extract positive stories, using sound bites and anecdotes to convey key messages, and completing an agenda.