PR Strategy Group

PR Services

PR Strategy Group’s results-focused PR programs combine our knowledge of the industries we serve with our press and analyst contacts in those industries. Our programs are built to maximize our clients’ competitive differentiation in each market to deliver exceptional results.

Product and Company Launches

Launching a company, product or initiative can be a daunting task, which is where our expertise comes in. After helping to get your strategy firmly in place, we take over every aspect of the launch. On an analyst or press tour, we handle everything from booking meetings and restaurant reservations to creating the tightest briefing book you've ever seen.


Positioning is key to all public relations and supports marketing and lead-generation activities. If a product or service is not clearly positioned and differentiated from the competition, it becomes very difficult to convey its brand to audiences, such as the media, current or prospective customers, and employees.

PR Strategy Group helps clients position their company and products with clear and concise messages that articulate competitive differences.

Key Messages

Companies often turn to us for help developing their key messages, which is the first step to clear communication. We create a messaging platform from ideas thrown on a white board, refining them for consistency in press and marketing materials.

Media and Analyst Relations

Media and analyst outreach targets the full range of communication opportunities — print, online, blogs and industry analyst reports — to achieve consistent, positive coverage.

We secure interviews, coverage and advocacy by creating tailored pitches designed for each audience, leveraging news and trend stories. Other components of this service include:

  • Press/analyst tours
  • Product reviews
  • Media training
  • Press materials/kit development
  • Editorial calendar monitoring

Press Releases

We work with clients to develop lists of top-tier media and industry analyst/influencers, then strengthen or cultivate those relationships so that our clients’ news gets their attention. We have in-house writing specialists to produce compelling announcements with optimal delivery.

Bylined Articles/Thought Leadership

PR Strategy Group’s bylined article program produces positive client exposure by placing client-authored articles in leading trade and industry publications. These articles help establish industry and technology expertise and credibility while providing a secure platform for key message delivery.

Case Studies

PR Strategy Group’s case study program highlights our customers’ successes and illustrates how our clients’ products and services are being used by real businesses and organizations across a variety of sectors with real results. The case studies can be used for sales presentations, trade shows, award submissions and to generate coverage in the media. They are also a rich source of testimonial quotes for all your marketing venues.


PR Strategy Group has the experience of drafting and submitting award-winning nominations for its clients. We ensure client credibility and visibility by researching appropriate awards and creating compelling award nominations.

Trade Shows and Special Events

Whether as an attendee at an industry trade show or as the host of an exclusive event, we help our clients stand out. We manage press attendance at events, fundraisers and seminars, and our preparation includes lots of research, attendee/audience outreach, speech writing or presentation development and to-the-minute planning. At the event, we’re on hand to facilitate introductions, record opportunities, manage speakers, and explain messaging or positioning.

Speaker Placement

We fortify our clients’ positions as industry leaders with speaker bureau programs. We research top industry conferences and secure speaking placements reaching targeted audiences. In support, we coach our clients’ C-level executives to hone their presentation skills in preparation for media/analyst briefings, conference/seminar sessions and panel presentations.

Writing Services

We offer a wide range of writing services to convey your messages in the style and tone appropriate for your business, from presentations and white papers to bylined articles, blogs and newsletters.

Crisis Management

When crisis strikes, so does chaos. PR Strategy Group has experience navigating
the chaos and managing the potential impact of a crisis by responding to the
groundswell of media inquiries as immediately, accurately and thoroughly as
possible, and focusing communications on updating key audiences about what's
happening and what's being done to resolve the problem.

Social Media

The influence of blogs and other social media outlets continues to grow. We monitor the conversations going on and help our clients understand how to become part of them. We can also help you start a company or organization blog.

Product Reviews

PR Strategy Group understands the need to secure product reviews from the top industry publications to drive sales. Not only does a positive product review increase sales, it brings visibility and credibility to the company.

Green PR

Making your product, service or company more green - not only is it the right
thing to do for the environment, it can also be right for the bottom line,
increasing customers' interest in your products or services, and decreasing
your energy costs. Opportunities abound today for companies to achieve positive
PR surrounding green initiatives. PR Strategy Group has experience leveraging
green issues to achieve media results and working with tech journalists who
cover green topics.